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Gaining expertise across different facets of life is essential, and to support this endeavor, we offer a tutorial designed to enhance your proficiency in the specified operational domain.

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The concept of a decentralized mall is a groundbreaking idea that transforms the conventional brick-and-mortar shopping experience through the utilization of blockchain technology and decentralized networks. In contrast to conventional malls, which are usually governed by a central authority, a decentralized mall functions on a peer-to-peer network, involving multiple participants in its operation.



The term “Decentralized Pi NFT” involves the idea of generating and overseeing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Pi Network, a decentralized blockchain platform. NFTs are distinct digital assets that serve as representations of ownership or verification of authenticity for a diverse range of digital or physical items.


Pi Find

The platform functions as a directory or search engine, enabling users to explore and find physical shops and offices accepting Pi Network as a payment method. Utilizing blockchain technology, it establishes a decentralized infrastructure to enhance transparency and trust in both the listings and transactions.


Pi Snake

Pi Snake is a conceptual fusion of the traditional Snake game with decentralized technology, potentially making use of the Pi Network blockchain. In this theoretical concept, players would be able to engage in the Snake game within a decentralized environment.


Pi Ads

Decentralized Pi Ads is a conceptual platform that envisions a decentralized advertising ecosystem built on the Pi Network blockchain. This hypothetical platform aims to revolutionize online advertising by leveraging the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology.

Pioneers First

Pi Network pioneers are our ultimate target for this new era of web 3.0 experience.


Mr. Ahedor Famous

Information Desk Officer

Mr. Godwin K. Nuadeke

Customer Care Rep

Mr. Absalom Andoh

Customer Care Rep

Mr. Aaron Kuzagh

Graphic Designer

Our Regional Leaders

Mr. Dong-yel Dominic


Our Vision
Leveraging a decentralized ecommerce platform, to provide Ghanaians access to needed products, goods and services in over seventy-five plus (75+) countries fuelled by the world’s most accessible cryptocurrency, Pi.
Our Mission
Connecting people and products from both multinational suppliers and small local businesses. We strive to deliver opportunities for all people, regardless of their location, from the remotest settlement to the capital with our logistic services.
Our Core Values
• Teamwork • Equality • Accountability • Transparency • Trust and Mutual Respect • Equity • Making a Difference.
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