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After bitcoin price sets $73,700 record, where is crypto headed next?

As bitcoin leads digital assets into new price highs, crypto advocates discussed the next steps of adoption.

Since the inception of bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have risen from obscure technical projects to firmly implanted within the upper echelons of finance, marked by BTC’s rise to set a new price record of $73,790 earlier this month.

Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson, alongside crypto educators Joe Parys of and Austin Arnold, held a comprehensive discussion on the burgeoning faith in digital currencies. Their dialogue transcended the mere acknowledgment of cryptocurrencies’ existence, venturing into a profound belief in their inevitability and potential to reshape financial landscapes across the globe.

Nelson’s optimism reflected a broader sentiment that cryptocurrencies are no longer speculative fantasies but tangible realities shaping our financial futures. He drew a parallel with the internet’s evolution, suggesting that, much like the digital revolution of the past, cryptocurrencies have reached a point of undeniable presence and utility. 

“It’s real,” Nelson asserted, encapsulating the transition from disbelief to widespread acceptance among various stakeholders, from nations considering digital currencies as reserve assets to the Gen Z-ers eagerly participating in the crypto market.

Source: thestreet.com

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