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ChatGPT picks 3 low-cap cryptocurrencies for the next bull run

Bitcoin (BTC) is outperforming both traditional finance assets and the majority of the cryptocurrency market in 2023, more specifically due to its most recent price rally this week. This performance has raised the chants for what could be a just-started bull run, led by BTC.

It is still not sure whether a bull run has really started, or if this is a short flight that will be used as exit liquidity for whales, Bitcoin miners, and big players. However, the flight has started for BTC, raising its dominance to over two-year highs since April 2021, for a 52.53% mark by press time, according to TradinView Bitcoin dominance index (BTC.D).

Historically, Bitcoin starts bull runs as the leading cryptocurrency, with a spike in market capitalization dominance over the other projects, that can later follow the trend for what is called an “altseason” in crypto trading.

With that in mind, Finbold turned to ChatGPT — through the GPT-4 API bot that receives payments in crypto— to ask for three recommended low-cap cryptocurrencies with a value asymmetry between their current market cap and fundamentals.



Source: finbold.com

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