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Cryptocurrency: Crypto is the next phase of the human journey.

97% of Crypto investors simply don’t understand what’s coming.

I’m getting lots of comments with people sneering at my predictions for multi-billion $ market cap predictions.

Let me help you understand, frens.

Gold Market Cap = $13T
S&P 500 Market Cap = $37T
Apple’s Market Cap = $3T
Entire Crypto Market Cap = $1.2T

Apple, which is only ONE company, has a 2.5x larger market cap than the ENTIRE CRYPTO Industry!

Even if Crypto was to only 10x and reach $12T, It would still be smaller than Gold(one mineral) & 3x smaller than only the S&P500, which is businesses in America only.

Crypto is Global.
Crypto is the next evolution
Crypto is going to infiltrate every corner of the world

Crypto is the next phase of the human journey.

And you don’t believe that when the inevitable Crypto takeover happens, the projects with the highest level of tech and #utility will make it into the tens of billions??

Not gonna make it.

It won’t be too long before Ethereum, or any other Layer1/0 becomes the largest project in the world by Market cap, leaving Apple and any other traditional business in the dust.

Decentralised blockchain technology is in its early stages of completely revolutionising the way we operate as a global society.

This is the internet 2.0, frens.

Only the best and dedicated investors will truly capitalise on this coming tidal wave. The ones that can look beyond the current way and see how entrenched Crypto will become in the future.

If you don’t think projects are going to make it into the billions, what are you doing here?

In the last cycle:

$ADA hit $100bn(200x)
$MATIC hit $20bn(400x)

And the Crypto market only hit $3T.

What about when it hits $5T? $10T? $15T?

With that level of capital being injected, do you really think we’re never going to see runs bigger than that?

This next bull cycle is going to inject so much liquidity into the market that you cannot even imagine the kind of runs that are coming.

We are at the beginning phase of Mass adoption.

The institutions have arrived, the businesses are coming, we’re getting regulatory clarity, and the tech is increasing at an insane pace.

It won’t be long before anything under $100bn is considered a mid-cap.

You need to open your mind beyond what you are currently seeing in front of you, remove your PTSD bear market recency bias, and take the time to understand the opportunity you have in front of you.

This is the opportunity of the decade, frens.

The kind of run we have in front of us may never happen again.

Soon, billion-dollar valuations will be small fry.

I hope you’re ready.



Reference: https://twitter.com/sykodelic_/status

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