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Most frequent questions and answers

PiChain Mall is a web3.0 Dapp based on pi network. It’s sole purpose is to provide barter services for pioneers around the world. Or a satellite mall where pioneers can use their pi coin to buy goods.

No! PCM does not ask for passphrase. During purchasing, when you choose to pay with your pi wallet, we will redirect you to your mainnet wallet where you can confirm payment.

Always check to see if the address bar of the Pi browser has pi://wallet.pi before proceeding to paste your passphrase.

  1. Open your pi browser and locate wallet.
  2. Paste your passphrase to access the wallet.
  3. Copy your wallet address ( eg.  
  4. Open PiChain Mall (https://pipcm.com)
  5. Locate account and tap on wallet address.
  6. Paste and confirm the wallet address.

No! You can only access PCM on the Pi browser because it’s a platform built on the Pi Network blockchain, so the only way to access PCM is through the Pi browser.

PCM is open to all pioneers around the world to sell their product on our platform.

No! Once you access PCM platform from your Pi browser, your Pi Network account is automatically linked to your PCM account. All you need is to tap login and your Pi Network account will linked with your PCM account.

Yes! It is very safe. Remember it is a web3.0 platform and all security measures has been taken to protect and secure pioneers funds.

Leaving your Pi in your PCM wallet is like having it in your Pi wallet, very safe and secure.

Pi deducted from a buyer’s wallet after purchase is kept in one of our secured escrow wallet and until the buyer confirms receipt of the product on our platform, the Pi will not be released to the seller.  You can request for a refund if you don’t receive the product.

Yes, you can go back to your shop on PCM, tap on the particular product and edit the price.

No, we do not charge for registering as a merchant or a service provider.

Yes, merchants are selling their products across the world and you can buy from any merchant you like provided the item is available for sale in your Region. Always look out for the availability of the product in your Region before purchasing.

Yes, you can add more than one product in your cart while you continue browsing for more products. The product however will be there for only 15 minutes and if payment is not made, it’ll be reverted.

Yes, logistics companies are already connected to PCM so if the seller fills out the shipment details, you can have access to track your shipment.

No! Since you don’t create a PCM Account but we link your Pi Network account to your PCM account, you cannot transact any business on PCM without a Pi Network account

Yes. We charge 3% of every transaction a seller or service provider make on our platform.

There is an information feature buyers can use to get in touch before, during and after placing an order.
We strongly advice buyers to make good use of this feature to know the full details of the product and also the delivery arrangements and other details before going ahead to place the order.
In case of any dispute too, our Customer Care will have access to the chats to determine the solution the dispute

You have to always click on login in order to link your Pi account to PCM account before you can use it. There is no feature to remember you after you close the Pi browser entirely.

All products published need to be validated by our validation team before it shows on the homepage.

If for any reasons your publication is rejected, you’ll receive an email stating the reason and you’ll need to rectify it to have it approved.

Wallet address is the alphanumeric characters generated to you when you create a wallet. It is also known as the public key and it is safe to share it as the sender will need it to send you Pi.
Passphrase is the 24 keywords which is used to access your wallet. Without it you cannot access your wallet. Keep it safe and never share it with anyone.

For now, Merchants and Service Providers have been provided with a tag for the images of their products anytime they list a product so look out for those tag.