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Introducing Weblinks on Fireside Forum: Share News on Web3

As we continue to enhance Pi Network’s Web3 social experience, we’re excited to introduce an eagerly awaited feature that will largely improve the way Pioneers share and consume content on Fireside Forum – the ability to post weblinks (URLs), exclusively in our “#News” channel!

Why the Buzz?
The introduction of links within Fireside Forum opens up new opportunities for our Pioneers to share and distribute content, including breaking news articles, research papers, intriguing blog posts, or insightful editorials with millions of users on Fireside Forum.

While previous posts on Fireside Forum were self-contained, we’re opening up new opportunities to share external content. By embedding these links directly into your posts, you’ll bring real-time, tangible context to your discussions. This feature not only allows for a more enriched user experience but will encourage even deeper discussions with the possibility of bringing in external sources of information.

Spread the Word, Share the World
Thanks to the internet, our world is increasingly interconnected. Every day, pivotal events unfold that shape our societies, influence our decisions, and spark global conversations. With the new weblink feature on the “#News” channel, you can inform and be informed by information shared by real and KYC’d Pioneers around the world.

With these links, we’re aiming to elevate the Fireside Forum experience, empowering Pioneers to share updates as they break, bring attention to underrated stories, or even introduce the community to new perspectives from around the globe. With these new tools, your voice, backed by diverse and external sources, will drive meaningful dialogues, challenge assumptions, and inspire change.

Ensuring a Responsible and Safe Environment

While we’re thrilled about this new feature for Fireside Forum, it’s crucial for the community to maintain the platform’s integrity. Therefore, we’ve taken steps to provide guidelines that support our vision for a constructive and healthy online community.

Linking Best Practices:

Relevance: Ensure the content you share is pertinent to the “#News” channel. We are looking for current events, groundbreaking studies, and articles that provide value to the community.
Credibility: Only share links from reputable sources. Misinformation has no place on Fireside Forum.
Respectful Dialogue: The aim is to foster understanding and expand knowledge. Ensure discussions are respectful, even when opinions differ.
Avoid Sensitive Information: Refrain from sharing personal details, confidential news, or anything that might compromise someone’s privacy––including yours.
Remember, our goal is to uplift, enlighten, and inform. These best practices serve to help ensure that Fireside Forum remains a beacon of authenticity and constructive conversations in the realm of Web3 social spaces.

Take part in the evolution
The launch of the weblink feature is not just about embedding URLs; it’s about an evolution of Fireside Forum to enhance the content-sharing experience and bridge knowledge gaps.

With links on Fireside Forum, we’re excited to empower Pioneers to share and learn together. Get ready to explore, share, discuss, and harness the power of information and make our digital community more vibrant than ever!

Reference: https://minepi.com/blog/fireside-links/

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