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KIA signs MoU with Rana Motors to train local technicians to operate on electric vehicles


From left: Kwangbyong Lee, Head of Ownership and Enhancement at KIA Corporation, Patrick Nimo, Chief Director Ministry of Trade and Industry, Chief Operating Officer of Rana Motors Kassem Odaymat

Kia Corporation in partnership with Rana Motors has taken a proactive step to commence the training of local technicians to operate Electric Vehicles (EVs).This follows the two companies signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate automobile technical training cooperation.The training will be conducted by the West African Vehicle Academy (WAVA) which is a technical training facility established by Rana Motors.Speaking at the event, the head of Ownership Enhancement at KIA Corporation, Kwangbyong Lee pledged the corporation’s support to Rana Motors by providing the necessary technical training tools and vehicles.Mr. Lee said, “This commitment underscores KIA’s dedication to nurturing a skilled workforce in Ghana, ensuring top-tier services to Kia customers at the end.”For his part, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Rana Motors, Kassem Odaymat stated the company’s readiness to utilize the logistics to be provided by Kia Corporation.

“It is important to mention that WAVA is well positioned to handle the tools, equipment and training materials to be provided by Kia Corporation under this partnership as it is currently a functioning facility with expert trainers, hi-tech equipment and the space to get things rolling without any delay”, he stated.

The Chief Director for the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Patrick Nimo described the signing of the MoU as “very strategic”, indicating that the initiative is birthed in the present and future when government is poised to transition to the usage of electric vehicles by 2030.

Source: businessghana.com

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