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PCM Ghana Honors Outstanding Merchants: August’s Winner Revealed!2

PCM Ghana, the hub of innovation and success, takes immense pride in announcing the winners of its Merchant Recognition Program. Our vibrant community of merchants has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, and it’s time to celebrate their achievements.

PCM Ghana’s Merchant Recognition Program, spanning from August to December 2023, is our commitment to appreciating the relentless efforts of our merchants. This program recognizes excellence in three key categories:

1. Merchant of the Month: Analyzed based on the total number of accomplished sales.

2. New Merchant of the Month: Highlighting exceptional performance by our newest faces.

3. Merchant of the Year: Honoring the highest-performing merchant throughout the year.

August’s Standout Performer: Mad. Christine Sena H.

In the inaugural month, Mad. Christine Sena Holomah emerged as the Merchant of the Month, showcasing remarkable sales accomplishments.

In a speech to appreciate the management of PCM Ghana, madam Christine said “This morning I want to acknowledge the receipt of Five Pi (5Pi) in my wallet given me by the Management and Leadership of PCM Ghana. I am very grateful and happy to have this opportunity. It is a privilege and I am thankful for the opportunity.

As Mr Joel Quartey, head of Customer Care Department of PCM Ghana said, I am a strong GCV Ambassador, and hence see myself as a proud winner of $1,570,795 (One million, Five Hundred and Seventy Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Five US Dollars) an equivalence of 17, 623, 322.00 Ghana Cedis. I wish to us the opportunity to tell all Pi Network Pioneers especially those that believe in the GCV of $314139 not to detest PCM but rather go there and trade their goods at the GCV price as we await the readiness of our Afripimall. Thank you you PCM, thank you all my customers”

Why Choose PCM Ghana? PCM believes in recognizing the efforts and success of both seasoned sellers and fresh faces.

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Secured Platform: PCM provides a safe e-commerce platform, ensuring your products have a secure home.

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PCM Ghana: Where Success is Celebrated, and Excellence is Rewarded!

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