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PCM Ghana’s Grand Finale X Space: “The Awakening”

On Saturday 23 December 2023, PCM Ghana hosted a spectacular event, PCM Ghana hosted a Twitter Space, aptly titled “The Awakening,” to close out the year. Distinguished guests included the CEO of PiChain Global and leaders from Pitogo and Workforce Pool. The X Space served as a platform for these influential figures to share insights and inspire Pioneers within the Pi Network ecosystem.

The focal point of the event was a call to action for Pioneers to intensify efforts toward developing and expanding utilities within the enclosed mainnet. The leaders emphasized that achieving the objectives of the enclosed mainnet is paramount before transitioning to the Open mainnet phase.


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This pivotal gathering underscored the significance of collaboration and dedication among Pioneers as they work towards common goals. The leaders’ encouragement resonated throughout the community, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. We are currently developing a super app that can integrate PCM, PiNFT, PiFind, and other apps such as PiMap and PiGames! Said by the CEO of Pichainmall Global.

As PCM Ghana continues to facilitate such enriching interactions, the vision of a thriving Pi Network community advances, laying the groundwork for a successful journey from the enclosed to the Open mainet.

Stay tuned for more updates on PCM Ghana’s initiatives and vibrant community engagements.

PCM Ghana: Nurturing Dreams, Fueling Progress!


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