PiChain Ghana

PCM’s Vision for Inclusive Blockchain Technology

PCM has reached a significant milestone with support from a global community across 150 countries and regions. This collective effort is driving the development of a decentralized PCM ecosystem that welcomes all. Recently PCM has released its latest roadmap emphasizes on some crucial features that has been a hindrance to the crypto landscape. It as follows Secure keyless wallet. Gas-free transactions Conduct transactions without extra costs (using the same token to pay cost).

Email-based account creation: Easy sign-up process. Make cryptocurrency projects accessible at low cost.

Here are some exciting features in the latest updates

Free sign-up and $PCM rewards: Earn rewards ($PCM) from invites.

Explore features like Web3 Wallet, E-Commerce Platform, NFT Marketplace, DApp integration and Community Operations Centers

PCM aims to make blockchain technology accessible to all users, new and experienced. By breaking down barriers and embracing decentralization, PCM provides a welcoming space for everyone to thrive in the Web3 world using Web2.

Join the PCM community today and help shape the future of blockchain innovation: https://t.me/pichainmall_Gh


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