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Pi Network has a three-phase roadmap. Phase III is split into two parts: Enclosed Mainnet (current) and Open Mainnet.

Beta Phase I

In December 2018, Pi publicly listed the mobile app on the major app stores as an alpha prototype that onboarded the initial Pioneers. On Pi Day, March 14, 2019, the original Pi Whitepaper was published, marking the official launch of Pi Network.

Testnet Phase II

This phase started on March 14, 2020, marking another critical preparation to the transition to a decentralized blockchain—a live Testnet with distributed Nodes from all over the world. Pi Testnet along with the accessible Node software not only enabled the testing of the blockchain but also initiated the decentralized building efforts by the community to create utilities using Test-Pi.

Enclosed Mainnet Phase III Enclosed

This period began in December 2021. The Enclosed Network period means that the Mainnet is live but with a firewall that prevents any unwanted external connectivity. Pioneers will be able to take time to KYC and migrate their Pi to the live Mainnet blockchain while the community builds apps and utilities on the Enclosed Mainnet for the network.

Open Mainnet Phase III Open

The Open Network period will begin depending on the maturity of the Enclosed Network ecosystem and the progress of the network’s KYC. Open Network means that the firewall in the Enclosed Network period will be removed, allowing any external connectivity, e.g., to other networks, wallets, and anyone who wants to connect to Pi Mainnet.

Source: Pi Network.


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