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Pi Network testnet now provides in-app updates about the latest ecosystem products

Pi Network (PI) has unveiled a new feature in its ecosystem dashboard that provides deeper insight into the latest projects launching on the chain. The update will signal which third party applications have been verified by Pi Network’s core team and which are still yet to receive verification.

The native PI token has yet to be released on the open market, but it has been made available on select exchanges through an IOU price. In the past 3 months, the IOU price for PI has surged +39% during a move that has taken the new digital asset to $34.69.

Right now, the only way to acquire PI tokens is by downloading the project’s mobile application. At its core, Pi is a mobile-first blockchain that provides users with a more accessible method of supporting the network infrastructure, as the mining system does not use excessive amounts of electricity and can be done cheaply on the user end.

SocialFi & more on Pi Network testnet, but when will mainnet launch?

Pi Network continues to grow in stature thanks to its accessible mobile-first blockchain. Recently, PI tokens were used in a peer-to-peer transaction for the first time which marked a major milestone for the project. Since then, Pi Network has been encouraging developers to build new dApps for its ecosystem and has seen considerable success so far.

One of the latest Pi-based dApps is a SocialFi feature called Staked DMs that allows users to chat privately through staking PI tokens. The app allows users to send direct messages to each other while providing a financial disincentive against bot spam and other unwanted use.

Pi Network also revealed in its 2023 roadmap that mainnet is not due to launch this year. Speculators had suggested that mainnet could be ready to be released soon but the recent roadmap confirms that there is still some way to go before the full launch of PI.

Bottom line: Pi Network’s recent successes set to continue as more features are continually added to the testnet ecosystem

Pi Network has been on a positive run since the beginning of 2023 and the recent verification upgrade for its applications is just the tip of the iceberg for the project. A user-driven decentralized network at its core, Pi Network plans to create a buzzing ecosystem of mobile-first dApps as the launch of its open mainnet draws near.

For now, the IOU price for the PI token is ranging between $38.64 and $33.74. The algorithm predicts that PI could break out of this range in the coming weeks as it targets a 2x gain within the next 3 months.

Source: http://coincodex.com

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