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Pichain Global launches an amazing Payment Campaign, Win Pi and $PCMT.

The PCM Wallet Payment Campaign has officially launched, inviting participants to showcase their Pi payment experiences using PCM Wallet for a chance to win big rewards of 1000 $PCM and 3000 $Pi. The campaign aims to highlight the ease and convenience of using PCM Wallet for everyday transactions, whether in physical shops or online.

Participants are encouraged to create a post or social media content detailing their PCM Wallet payment experience, including what they bought or sold with Pi. Visual content such as screenshots or videos of PCM Wallet payment history and process are highly recommended. By using the hashtag #PayPiwithPCMWallet, participants can enter the campaign and stand a chance to win exciting rewards.

To participate, participants must share the link of their post under the comment of the campaign tweet, along with their PCM ID and PCM Wallet invitation code. Additionally, participants are encouraged to like and retweet the campaign post and tag three friends to spread awareness.

Payment scenarios for submission include paying or receiving Pi for products or services in physical shops or online stores using PCM Wallet.

The reward structure for the campaign includes a total prize pool of 1000 PCM and 3000 Pi, with 50 winners sharing 900 PCM and 2700 Pi. A special prize of 100 $PCM and 300 $Pi will be awarded to the winner chosen by the community based on creativity, quality of content, PCM Wallet features used, and community engagement.

The campaign timeline includes a submission deadline of 17th May and winner announcement on 19th May. By showcasing real-life examples of Pi payments with PCM Wallet, the campaign aims to prepare the community for the upcoming Pi Network’s Open mainnet, regardless of KYC status or mainnet migration completion. Join us in celebrating the power of Pi payments and PCM Wallet!

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