PiChain Ghana

The power of Pichainmall

Awaiting mainnet

The popularity of PCM continues to rise, and more and more merchants have joined it, realizing the potential of PCM in the commercial field.

They accept Pi coins as a payment method, the merchant work more efficiently to increase markets and attract more users to participate in the building of the ecosystem and pi network as a whole to take pioneers closer to open mainnet.

The active participation of these merchants provides a solid foundation for the development of Pi Network and promotes the further development of the pi network community.

The active participation and contributions of this merchant are gradually pushing Pi Network towards the goal of the main network. Their efforts not only strengthen the community of PCM but also cohesion of Pi Network, and it enhance the recognition and value of Pi coins. They have contributed to the construction of Pi Network in their own way, and believe that the future of Pi Network will be even better.

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