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What to know about the long awaited Pi roadmap version1(V1)

Pi Network is pleased to announce that the Version 1 (V1) Roadmap was released on October 31, 2023! The V1 Roadmap outlines both the three main phases of Pi Network’s journey and the key milestones achieved and ongoing efforts for many of the Pi products and programs. V2 Roadmap will include future plans. While the V2 Roadmap will not present a specific date for the Open Mainnet, it will lay out some concrete pivotal milestones leading up to the Open Mainnet. Pioneers, give us your feedback on V1, which will inform our work on V2.

What Does Roadmap V1 Include?

The Roadmap V1 offers a closer look into Pi Network’s various components—various products and programs—by breaking down milestones into:

  • Historical Milestones: a high-level summary of what has been accomplished to date.
  • In-Progress Milestones: a high-level list of ongoing initiatives and areas of development within Pi Network.

Pioneers are invited to delve into Roadmap V1 to gain a nuanced understanding of each project’s history and current direction. This segmented approach aims to provide an enriched understanding of how Pi Network’s multifaceted vision is coming to life.

Note, however, that it is not a comprehensive list, and more initiatives may be added in Version 2 (see below). 

What’s Next: An Updated Roadmap Version 2

Pioneers are encouraged to go through Roadmap V1 and leave their feedback here, which will be invaluable in shaping the content and direction of Roadmap V2. 

Roadmap V2 will expand on V1 by adding future milestones related to each product and program. This aims to provide a holistic understanding of Pi Network’s strategies during the ongoing Enclosed Mainnet. V2 will provide details on forthcoming features, requirements, enhancements, and other initiatives essential for the network’s transition to the Open Network period.

While the roadmap will not present a timeline for the Open Mainnet, it will lay out some concrete pivotal milestones leading up to the Open Mainnet (refer to the December 2021 Whitepaper for more information). The decision not to set a specific timeline for the Open Mainnet is intentional, allowing for a focus on delivering and building a thoroughly vetted and high-quality ecosystem while being attentive to the unpredictable fast-changing external environment, particularly given dependency on a large number of uncontrollable external factors.

Our Collective Path Forward

Pi Network appreciates the community’s enthusiasm and curiosity, especially concerning Open Mainnet. While this excitement is welcomed and shared, it’s important, now more than ever, to be deliberate and uphold our values of accessibility and utilities. It is important to keep building toward the unique vision of Pi. 

Until next time, keep pioneering!

Source: http://minepi.com

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