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WorldCoin Vs. Pi Network?

The mainnet of Worldcoin and its native token $WLD are now live.

We have started to track the Price, Supply and Market Cap of $WLD on CoinGecko.


Worldcoin sitting around ~$2 per coin. Trying to be the next big ‘world’ crypto. But PiNetwork has an even larger 50m+ userbase of pioneers.

This makes more bullish on the value of Pi, with a larger ecosystem. Don’t know the price, but this is a good indicator. What do you think?

Of course all these projects will coexist. This just validates the future of $Pi and Web3

Worldcoin is hinting something to us. The importance of a proof of humanity project for global crypto mass adoption and ubi.

While most people in the crypto space still misunderstand the PiNetwork project and think it’s a scam.

What a joke!

If you still don’t understand this project, DYOR. Be prepared and don’t get FOMO when it’s launched.



Justin Wo


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